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  1. David Morton says:

    Hello, I am a PhD student in Physics with a strong computational background. I have been a strong advocate for open-source software in our lab and have found a small group of like minded fellow graduate students in the department (at Washington University in Saint Louis). We have been considering starting a non-profit corporation with the mission to advance the cause of open-source scientific computation (in general, not only in physics). Perhaps we could talk more in depth about the goals of and our goals to see if we have more in common.

    David Morton

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  2. ray erickson says:

    just wanted to say that the crystallographic representations of beryl in the mine dat web site is wonderful. any way of using more than one unit cell simulations? during one frame with different spins per unit cell? nice as it is, how many total atoms are allowable with a 64 bit bit processor?

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  3. Hello

    We recently decided to release the measurement software that we use for terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. I did some work to make it usable for sequential measurements in general. It is written in python, and therefore cross-platform and open source.
    I wonder if you would agree to mention it in your software directory.
    If you’re interested the address is currently
    Thanks in advance and thank you for this very nice initiative.

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  4. Dan Gezelter says:

    Thanks for letting me know. TeraPy been added to the database.

    Best regards,


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