CO-ADC, XMD, ChemiCool

We’re highlighting three new software submissions today:

  • CO-ADC calculates band structures of semiconducting and insulating crystals. Electron correlations are accounted for using the crystal orbital algebraic diagrammatic construction (CO-ADC) scheme. The software comprises an independent band Lanczos code for real- symmetric, complex-symmetric, and complex-Hermitian matrices. CO-ADC can be found in our Condensed Matter Physics section.
  • XMD is a GPL’ed Molecular Dynamics program written in C. It supports the following potentials: pair, EAM, Tersoff and Stillinger-Weber, and comes with a variety of utility programs to help simplify simulation. Find it in our Molecular Dynamics section.
  • ChemiCool is an online periodic table. Not surprisingly, it can be found in our Periodic Tables section.

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  1. tayler g says:

    I think this website nees 2 put more facts abot elements

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