Computational Chemistry Highlights

Computational Chemistry Highlights (CCH) is an interesting new overlay journal that identifies important contributions to the field of computational and theoretical chemistry published within the last 1-2 years.  I’m involved in this particular overlay journal – I’ll be concentrating on recent developments and papers in molecular dynamics and statistical mechanics.  The journal will eventually get to an editorial board of around 50, so it will help us all keep up on advances in the field that are outside our specific areas of expertise.

Overlay journals are a great concept – CCH is not affiliated with any publisher: it is a free resource run by scientists for scientists.  In addition to highlighting recently-published papers, I’m pretty sure it will also include highlights of non-journal resources like code, publicly available datasets, and papers available on preprint servers (e.g. arXiv, Nature Precedings).  It also allows non-anonymous comments on papers and will let authors respond to those comments.

Overlay journals are an interesting experiment. We’ll have to see how important they become, but I’m pretty happy to be included early on this one.

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  1. Jan Jensen says:

    Very happy to have you on board. CCH is a community effort and will only take off if we all pitch in.

    Yes, important new code, datasets, preprints, and even blog posts are definitely fair game and I hope CCH will help increase the recognition people receive for such contributions.

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