Do you want to know how to measure DNA contour lengths using ImageJ?  Perhaps you want to stain a C. Elegans embryo for imaging?  Or possibly, you might want to test whether or not you have gotten an immune response using ELISA?

Martin Fitzpatrick sends word of a cool collection of open access scientific protocols called  For the uninitiated, protocols are the recipes that scientists use to carry out experiments in a reproducible way.  The list of protocols posted to to date has a number of interesting and important biochemistry and biology experiments.

There’s also a neat companion site called which concentrates on many of the same things we do – the use of open source software in the sciences.

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  1. Thanks for the write-up Dan, much appreciated. Since getting in touch I’ve added a publication-tracker which finds recent papers related to content on the site (so for example papers reference ImageJ or other software, or on general open-science topics). These are all cross-referenced to other content on the site – so that hopefully we can build nice bundles of useful resources for doing open science.

    The plan is to allow user contributions (soon!) and discussions (soon!) and to make the whole site open-source (sooner!). So few hours in the day… particularly when you’re doing a PhD at the same time.

    Thanks again!

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