Jmol grows up

The first of the OpenScience Projects was Jmol, and this molecular dynamics viewer has now reached an important milestone. After a complete rewrite of the code and rendering engine, the Jmol development team has released version 10.. Some new features are scripting and all sorts of display options (ribbons, substructure coloring) which are useful for display of proteins and nucleic acids. Check it out!

Also, we recently added a link to Science Magazine’s article on the NIH Public Access Policy in our Required Reading section.

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2 Responses to Jmol grows up

  1. Kyle Finchsigmate says:

    Yes…. but how do you integrate Jmol into wordpress? I can’t figure it out, for the love of God.

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  2. Dan Gezelter says:

    I’ve written a post about how to embed Jmol in WordPress. Let me know if that helps.

    –Dan Gezelter

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