We just discovered this amazing new site, koders.com which lets you search a huge volume of open source software (and not just the scientific software). To demonstrate how useful it is, here’s a sample search for GPL’d software with the string Chebyshev. That’s a pretty darn useful search tool for scientists!

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  1. codase says:

    After a few years work on programming language
    compilers, decompilers and translators, I finally
    launched an alpha version of a website for developers
    to find code snippets easily. It contains over 100M
    loc of c/c++ code. The search is syntax aware, so you
    can easily find method calls and class definitions,
    etc. I’d like to hear some feedback.

    Our web site is at http://www.codase.com.

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  3. JR says:

    JExamples.com also provides this capability in the java space.

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