New Software Links

A bunch of new software links today:

First, in our Nuclear Physics section, we’ve been pointed to the Nuclear data analysis (histogramming) package and the Nuclear physics data acquisition system. The acquisition system is an event-based system that supports a variety of hardware and is used by 30 laboratories world-wide.

In our Medical Sciences section, we’ve got a link to ODIN, an Object Oriented Development Interface for NMR is a framework for rapid prototyping of magnetic resonance imaging sequences.

Our Mathematics section has a new link for GNU libmatheval, which parses and evaluates symbolic expression input as text.

And in Astronomy, we’ve been informed about Skychart, which can draw a map of the night sky for the amateur astronomer from star and nebulae catalogs. It shows the position of the planets, simulates an eclipse, and shows artificial satellites. It can also drive telescopes.

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  1. Molecular Station is a molecular biology portal for molecular protocols and methods, listings for bioinformatic tools and product information, the latest news and views on research topics, and molecular biology.

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    How does math, software and links all tie into SEO? Well Google’s Algorithm is completely based on math, a very high level mix of calculus, statistics, and some geometry I think while the software is the program that drives it all and the links are the physical representation of the mathematical calculations. Make any sense? I’m not sure it if does or not but Math is the underlying structure to online marketing…

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