Open Science consulting gig with the American Heart Association

I just got notification about a short-term consulting gig with the American Heart Association that is specifically related to issues of Open Science:

The American Heart Association has recently formed a task to explore and determine AHA’s role in open science.  Our specific interest at this time is focused on data repositories for finalized research data.  We are currently looking for a consultant to assist in gathering background information for this task force in the following areas:

  • What open science is, and how it relates to the AHA.  This should be approached more broadly than just our data focus so the committee is aware of other research transparency opportunities.
  • What other similar organizations are doing relative to open science and making data and publications available (e.g. NIH, HHMI, ACS, EU, etc.) The AHA can provide contact information within most these organizations.  We would like to see comparisons to about 6 similar organizations.  Our publishing area has looked at policies related to public access to publications, but this task force will be looking at how open access could impact our research program.
  • Existing repositories in use which can hold the types of data that AHA funded grants produce.
  • Legal, data design, or intellectual property issues with requiring researchers to store their data in a repository.
  • Documenting issues that should be addressed by the task force if they decide to move forward (e.g. timing for providing data, retention of data, definition of data to store, requiring common terminology, issues related to the re-use of the stored data etc.)

We anticipate that these efforts may involve the consultant 5-10 hours a week for a 6 week time period.   The project will begin in mid-October and would ideally be completed by Dec 1st.  Consultants that are interested in this project should provide a summary of their qualifications by October 12th.


Belinda Orland

Research Information Manager

Division of Research Administration


American Heart Association/American Stroke Association 

7272 Greenville Avenue
Dallas, TX 75231
214 360 6110

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