Other Presidential Appointees besides Michael Brown

In all of the discussion on the net over whether being fired from a job overseeing judges at horse shows would qualify you to be the head of FEMA, and whether the head of the department of homeland security could function in his job without actually watching the news, we thought it might be interesting to look at other presidential appointees like, say, the presidential science advisor. There is a presidential science advisor, right?


Bob Parks uncovers this lovely fact:

George W. Bush eliminated the job when he named John Marburger Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Previous OSTP directors held both titles, and WN always referred to Marburger as “Science Advisor.” We were wrong, but not alone. We Googled “science advisor” and got 597,000 hits on a nonexistent job. As they used to say at Stony Brook when he was president, “this would never have happened if Jack Marburger was alive.”

This just gets worse and worse.

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