SunlightLB is an open-source 3D lattice Boltzmann code. It implements a standard lattice Boltzmann algorithm for three dimensional simulations, using a D3Q19 lattice with a twin relaxation time scheme. Objects, possibly moving, are included by a link bounce-back method. This enables SunlightLB to solve a variety of hydrodynamics problems such as the computation of flows through pore spaces, the computation of resistance matrices for colloidal hydrodynamics problems, and so on. Both zero Reynolds number flows, and non-zero Reynolds number flows, can be solved. In addition, passive scalar transport is implemented on top of the lattice Boltzmann scheme via a tagged-particle propagation algorithm, with a variety of boundary conditions. This allows simulation of a variety of reaction-advection-diffusion problems, such as a passive scalar adsorbing in a porous material in the presence of a flow (deep-bed filtration). SunlightLB is implemented as a library of C functions. Scripting language support is enabled by a SWIG interface file, which allows, for example, SunlightLB to be used as a perl extension module. Examples of the use of SunlightLB are provided in both C, perl, and python.
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