The Guardian’s Bad Science Column

The weekly Bad Science column in the Guardian looks like fun. The latest one is about strange ideas on dietary supplements being used as anti-bacterial agents, but my favorite by far is the request for the most stupid thing anyone has ever said to you about science at a party.

For me, the stupidest science-comments-at-a-party seem to revolve around Hydrogen-powered vehicles (and usually devolve into long discussions about 6000 psi liquid-H2 tanks and the energy source to make the H2 in the first place.)

There’s another category of mathematics comments that are even funnier. In all seriousness, I once had someone tell me that a particular student was " on the inflection point of the exponential curve of her career". The person who uttered this remark is someone for whom I have enormous respect (even if they don’t understand inflection points), so no names will be mentioned. What’s the most insane mathematics someone has ever expounded to you at a party?

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