When Cephalopods Rule the Earth

At the Seattle aquarium, two Giant Pacific Octopi were put into a holding tank with several sharks for a while. The aquarium employees figured the octopi would be safe from the sharks because of their ability to hide in the rocks and blend in with their surroundings. They were right about the octopi being safe from the sharks.

They hadn’t thought that the sharks needed protection from the octopi…

Over the next week, they started finding dead sharks lying on the bottom of the aquarium.

This movie shows a giant octopus tracking and killing a shark. It is amazing footage: the octopus waits in the rocks for the shark to swim by, jumps up, wraps its tentacles around the shark and brings it back down to the floor of the aquarium. It is an amazing marine snuff film, and if the cephalopods ever want to take over the land, they’ll send us back to the trees screaming in horror.

Found via Laura Lemay.

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