Dance Like A Monkey!

Dance Like A Monkey Holy Cow. The legendary punk rock group, The New York Dolls, are back! And they recently went back into the studio to make a new album called One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This. On this album is a song which is an amazing shot over the bow of Intelligent Design.

The video features the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Pat Robertson’s marriage to an ape, a phylogenetic tree (with the NY Dolls at the top, of course), Dick Cheney with a shotgun, Charles Darwin dancing with a tortoise, a statue of liberty buried in sand, and tons more I probably missed.

Click on the picture above to go to the Quicktime version at RoadRunner Records. Or Click Here for the grainy YouTube version.

The New York Dolls are back! And they’re poking fun at creationists!

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2 Responses to Dance Like A Monkey!

  1. Great song.

    I posted about it too.

    “Dance Like A Monkey”

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  2. Derek Hval says:

    i like it

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